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Battle Rope Blitz (Jonesboro)

Q: Summit

AO Etta’s Nest

PAX: Gish, Katniss, Han, Salty, Doublemint, Boots

The Skinny: This is the same Q I’ve been doing with battle ropes.  It is always so much fun.  We were even able to include some group exercises with the rope at the end.

The Thang:
We did “the battle rope blitz”!
Pax lined up on both sides of the battle rope with their mats. 1 pax started on the battle rope to complete 4 different exercises, while other Pax worked on sets of 4 different exercises.
Each exercise was 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between, and 1 minute of recovery between rounds.
After we completed an entire cycle with all pax on the battle ropes, we did a group set with everyone on the battle rope.

Battle rope round:

  • alternating arms
  • Side slam
  • Jumping jacks
  • Double arms

Round 1

  • Jumping jacks
  • Seal jacks
  • Star jacks
  • Smurf jacks

Round 2

  • Alligator push up
  • Shoulder tap
  • Big girl sit ups
  • Plank

Round 3

  • squat
  • Side lunge
  • Inchworm
  • Jump shot

Round 4

  • fire hydrant x2
  • donkey kick x2


  • jump accross
  • fast feet across
  • jump lunge
  • big girl sit ups with rope lift

COT: Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year, its a new opportunity to make it what you want so set your intention now!

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Countdown to New Years! (JC)

Q: F-Stop

AO: Riveters Station (RRG)

PAX: Gish, Boots, Katniss, Peppermint Patty, Msafiri, Callalily, Sourdough


Warm up: run lap, IC windmills and high knees

The Thang: Countdown to New Years

30 Calf Raises
29 Jumping Jacks
28 Cross Punches
27 Lunges
26 Skaters
25 Situps
24 Alt Leg Lifts
23 Bridges
22 Second Plank
21 Push Ups
20 Jump Squats
19 Supermans
18 Donkey Kicks
17 High Knees
16 Sumo Squat Pulses
15 V Ups
14 Side Lunges
13 Mtn Climbers
12 Hydraulics
11 Crunches
10 Burpees
9 Tricep Dips
8 Single Leg Toe Touches
7 Leg Deadlifts
6 Tuck Jumps
5 Plank w/ Shoulder Taps
4 Legs Down
3 Butt Kicks
2 Leg/Arm Extn
1 Man Maker

Cooldown Lap

COT: Find What Feels Good in the New Year

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Fat-Burner Cardio (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Cheetah, Lil’ Hope, Ariel

Disclaimer: I am not a professional and therefore not responsible, workout at your own risk. The park, city and FiA are also not responsible. Modify as needed.

Warm up: Hillbilly Walkers, Pretzel Arms, potato diggers & jacks in cadence then run a lap.

The Thang: see picture, between each set run spoke, after all 3 sets in circuit run a lap

Cooldown: stretching

COT: Talk through New Years goals, resolutions and/or word of the year.

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The Millennial (RAD)

Q: Gish

AO: Riveter Station – RAD

PAX: Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Sgt. Socks, Han

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional. Work out at your own risk. Modify up or down as needed.

Warmup: on your own, arm circles, jumping jacks, high knees

The Thang:
The Millennial!

PAX all start together on the first exercise, trying to get to 100 reps.
The first PAX that hits 100 calls it out and all PAX stop and complete 10 burpees.
PAX then all start together on the 2nd exercise and try to get to 100.

100 reps x 10 exercises = 1,000 (for exercises using both sides, the count is 100 total)
Raggity Annes
Glute bridges
Prayer pulses
Calf raises
Ankle biters
Flutter scissors
Roxanne (push-ups/froggers)
Sally (with leg lifts)

Yoga flow cooldown and stretch

Courage is knowing it might hurt,
and doing it, anyway.
Stupidity is the same,
and that’s why life is hard.
-Jeremy Goldberg (edited) 

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Q: Summit

AO Riveter Station – Rosies Rise & Grind

Pax: Gish, Boots, Han, Katniss, Doodle, Peppermint Patty, Msafiri


Warm up: squats, side lunges, arm circles, arm Ws & angels, IC butt kickers and high knees

The Thang:

AMRAP STYLE- do 15 of each exercise and repeat until time is up (10minutes)
1st set
-staggered stance deadlift left
-static lunge with weight left
-staggered stance deadlift right
-static lunge with weight right
-side to side lunge with weight
-hip dips (on wall) left
-hip dips right


2nd Set
-skull crushers
-single arm overhead press left
-single arm overhead press right

Then as a group we did wall sits: 30seconds with weighted right heel raises, then left, then a static hold x20secs with weight on lap.
Then AB circle: reverse toe touches, glute bridges, rosalitas, ankle biters.

COT: My mantra/thought process for the new year coming up: Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.

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Christmas (Kettle) Bells (JBO)

Q: Salty

AO: Ettas Nest

PAX: Firecracker, Jewels, Zinny, Gish


Warmup: The Grinch Song – high knees till you hear “Mr Grinch” and then burpee

The Thang:
See pic – each circuit two times and then run a lap in between.
*ran a parking lot lap between sets

COT: please keep our family in your prayers. My brother in law is going through a horrendous divorce. He’s being accused of the worst crimes against his only child (by the adults not the child) but they’ve found nothing. Her family is just trying to ruin him in any way possible. It’s so sad to watch. But it had brought our family together and we’re thankful for that “Christmas miracle.” It didn’t look the way we thought it would but it’s a blessing nonetheless.

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Tombstone Hill (JC)

Q: Gish

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Msafiri, Callalily, Peppermint Patty, Doodle, Katniss

Gear: lighter dumbbells and mats

Arm circles
Slow high knees
10 each,
In cadence:
Jumping Jacks
Potato diggers

The Thang:
Complete each set and hold squat or
plank until everyone is done. Then
move to next set.
Jog mats to bottom of hill

20 bridges
Hill run
20 rainbow butts (each side)
Hold plank or squat when done
Jog to base

20 narrow Squats
Flat sprint
20 sumo Squats
Hold plank or squat when done
Jog to bottom of hill

20 tricep dips on curb
Hill run
20 Push Ups
Hold plank or squat when done
Jog to base

20 weighted Lunges (RLC)
Flat sprint
20 reverse Lunges (RLC)
Hold plank or squat when done
Jog to bottom of hill

20 leg raises
Hill run
20 walk the planks
Hold plank or squat when done
Walk mats back to base

20 bicep curls, just for kicks

Stretch as needed


COT: I had a discussion with a loved one, recently, and respecting others’ identities and allowing for people to express themselves without fear of judgement. We should always respect one another as individuals and this is immensely important.

The conversation went on, however, to include stories of people who have struggled with or given up on living because they did not feel like their personal identity was respected by others. This is heartbreaking. There are countless individuals in this world who are looking for their place in this world, but they will never find it. We are here in this world, but we will always end up in despair if we seek meaning only in humanity.

This reminds me of something I would hear all the time from a childhood friend’s mother. When we would go out, My buddy’s mam would say, “Remember whose you are,” and I always took that as a reminder to be good and not being any shame to the family to which she belonged.

In recent years, I’ve realized so much more meaning in that phrase. Remember whose you are. You don’t belong to your school or work or friends or social clubs or even your family. You were not created for or by mortal whims, but of The King. Don’t be afraid. Don’t lose hope. Remember whose you are.

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Too Many Bottles REMIX – My last TN Q! (JC)

Q: Msafiri

AO: Riveter Station – WAR

PAX: Mini, Peaches, Peppermint Patty, Gish, Raven (2.0), FNG Magneto

Warmup: IC- high knees and potato diggers
The Thang: see photo below :point_down::skin-tone-5:
To Many Bottles On the Wall Remix!

After doing the 90’s and 80’s the Q heard the people in the PAX and let them choose the next set of workouts…STOPPED by a burpee train :steam_locomotive:

70’s Remix
High knees instead of jumping jacks
Bicycle crunches instead of crunches
Tricep dips instead of curls
Wall sit on tippy toes instead of regular Wall sit

60’s remix
Butt kickers instead of jumping jacks
Flute bridges instead of crunches
Rows instead of curls
Sumo Squat hold instead of Wall sit

Back to the original in photo
Didn’t make it all the way through…. Before naming Gish’s sister (FNG)

COT: “Soul care”
FiA is the most consistent, disciplined self care I’ve ever done. To look back and see that I’ve consistently been part of FiA since 2018 is mind blowing to me. I’ve never kept a gym membership that long. I appreciate that FiA has created the space for me to take care of myself mind, body and soul. I’ll never forget seeing it on FB. When I was searching for a way to exercise without it taking away from family time. No one in my family wanted to be bothered with me at 7:15 on a Saturday morning! It was perfect! And my favorite price $free.99!!!!! I’m so thankful for FiA and how it has taught me to care for myself mind, body and soul! It is the best self care decision I ever made! I wasn’t ready for it to take me in, but I’m so glad it did. I love that it is empowered women, empowering women in all shapes and sizes. That you can come anyway you are and it’s Enough. This Type A, Enneagram 1, perfectionist doesn’t have to have the perfect Q every time and that’s okay. That it is okay to show up and that be enough. You either jump over the low bar or you have to limbo deep under it. Either way I’m glad FiA is a space created to care for you in whatever way you need the care. 1, 2, 3 FiA

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Full Body Stations (JBO)

Q: Salty

Dec 18, 2021
AO: Ettas Nest

PAX: Firecracker, jewels, Katniss

The Thang:
We did stations. Everyone’s mat was a station. There are as a 3×5 card at each station.
We did the exercise for 1m and then rotated stations which led to a 20sec rest between exercises.

Ab exercises:
Russian twists
Flutter kicks
Kettle bell swings
Reverse crunches
Leg lifts

Arms exercises:
Tricep extension
Deadlift to upright row
Pretzel arms
Lateral raises
Elf on the shelf

Leg/butt exercises:
Squat press
Side lunges (L and R)
Rainbow Butt (L and R)I also added in some cardio with each set to keep us warm.
High knees
Curb kickers
Mountain climbers
Plant jacks

(If there is time we will do Booty Song)

COT: I moved here on Dec 15th 4 years ago! FIA has been such a stable part of my transition. It has brought me to people I would have never probably meet otherwise and I love that! So many different kinds of women living life together. It’s beautiful and I’m very thankful!

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Q: Margarette

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Boots, Peaches, F-stop, M. safari, Peppermint Patty, Callalily, Katniss

Warmup: in cadence jumping jacks, high knees and potato diggers

The Thang: all PAX start the exercise on their own then when someone gets to 100, they call it out and the whole PAX stops and runs a mileMillennial

C- crockpot squats
H- heel beats
R- Rosalitas
I- Indian style LBCs
S- speed skaters
T- tricep dip
M- monkey humpers
A- alternating shoulder taps
S- soldier jacks
End with Burpees(We made it to tricep dips then was interrupted by a burpee train)