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Planksgiving (JC)

Q: Peaches

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Acadia, Katniss, Boots, Sourdough, Margarette

Warmup: jumping jacks in cadence, high knees in cadence, cherry pickers in cadence

General stretching.

The thang:(PAX to reflect internally during each 1 minute plank hold)

3 min of: 10 squats, 10 mountain climbers
 1 min High plank – reflect: What family tradition are you thankful for?

3 min of: 10 American pie sit-ups, 10 flutter kicks
 1 min Low plank – reflect: What sound are you grateful for?

3 min of: 10 glute bridge, 10 rosalitas
 1 min Shoulder taps – reflect: What is something about your body that you’re grateful for?

3 min of: 10 donkey kicks, 10 fire hydrants
 1 min Inchworms – reflect: What challenge are your grateful for?

3 min of: 10 push ups , 10 tricep dips
 1 min Brooke Burks – reflect: What moment this week are you most grateful for?

3 min of: 10 pulse lunge R  , 10 pulse lunge L
 1 min Side plank – reflect: What place are you most grateful for?

3 min of: 10 imperial walkers , 10 hillbillies
 1 min Side plank (other side) – reflect: What is something you use daily that you are grateful for?

3 min of: 10 jumping jacks , 10 Raggedy Anns
 1 min Pike plank – reflect: What is one thing that you have enjoyed recently about your job?

3 min of: 10 leg lifts, 10 ankle biters
 1 min Knee plank – reflect: What choices have you made in the past year that you would thank yourself for making?

3 min of: 10 superwoman, 10 bird dogs
 1 min Bear crouch plank – reflect: What is something you witnessed recently that reminded you that people are good?

COT: Take a couple of deep breaths. Settle your heart & mind for whatever you may face in the day ahead. Remember that the only person you’re responsible for is you.

Recent Workouts

4 Corners at Farmers (JC)

Q: Peaches

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: CallaLilly, Boots, Sourdough, Crush, Katniss

Butt kickers & high knees in cadence

4 corners! :grimacing:

10 squats in each corner.
Transitions to the corners.

1 walking lunges
2 walking lunges
3 walking side-squats
4 diagonal lunges

2 one-minute wall-sits

1 minute of each; 10 sec rest between exercises

High donkey kicks
Russian twists
Bicycle crunches
Glute bridges
Ankle biters(Rinse & repeat all abs)

COT: It is not JOY that makes us grateful; It is GRATITUDE that makes us joyful.

Recent Workouts

Thanksgiving Thang (JBO)

Q: DoubleMint

AO: Etta’s Nest

PAX: Jewels, Firecracker, Boots, Sourdough

Warm-up:  High Knees, Baby arm circles and potato diggers in cadence

The Thang: See pic below.

We did the 11 burpees after completing Turkey and Pilgrim.
We took another lap around the parking lot after doing burpees and ended with some stretching on your own.

COT: My daughter has been struggling. She injured her hand a couple of weeks ago. Her supervisor at work told her she needed to come back to work, even though she is not supposed to use her hand. She has been sick and she is only getting around 3 hours of sleep a night due to school, work and the two plays she is in. I told her that sometimes we have to just suck it up and do things even though we don’t feel like it or don’t feel well. We have to push through the pain and discomfort and persevere. Life is not always about being comfortable, but if we persevere and push through it, there are rewards in the end. Don’t give up when things get rough.

Recent Workouts

Full Body Tabata Fun (JC)

Q: Gish

AO: Riveter Station – WAR

PAX: Acadia, Peppermint Patty, Callalilly

DisclaimerWarmup: (IC) jumping jacks, slow high knees, imperial walkers, and run a lap

The thang:
We started a few minutes late and had to modify the workout on the fly.
Cardio and strength were as pictured below, and we added a Sally a la weighted squats before lots of good stretching.

The Skinny: We really are better together. Truly. Thank you all for being there and picking up slack, watching one another’s backs, and showing love to every FiA. :heart:

Recent Workouts

Meet in the Middle (Kgspt)

Q: Gaines

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Ariel, Bindi, Rousey Red, Malibu


Warmup: walk 2 lil laps, potato diggers, leg stretches

The Thang: “Meet in the Middle”
(Centennial Park is a circle :o: so we worked our way from outside-in, finishing in the middle)

Tabata style 30 sec on & 10 sec off

Sumo squats
Jumping jacks
Calf raises
Hold Plié squat with calf raises
High knees
Curtsy lunges
(Then REPEAT all above exercises)

Imperial walkers
Standing Oblique side bends- right
Standing Oblique side bends- left
Standing abs-alternating opposite arm to leg

BG sit-ups
Flutter kicks

Cool down: walk 2 big laps, then stretching

COT: I’m gonna share Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps. My husband & I had a lot of debt 14 years ago. I was faced with paying ALL the bills when he was deployed overseas for military. So I began to work through the baby steps & it has blessed our lives beyond measure. It’s important to me to put ourselves in a position to prepare for our parents getting older or if our children get sick & I need to temporarily cut back at work or take a leave of absence. Our family experienced 3 deaths last February so this idea of becoming even more financially ready hit even harder.

Recent Workouts

Butts & Guts (JC)

Q: Boots

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Peaches, Katniss, Gish, Callalilly, Peppermint Patty, Sourdough

Warmup:  Jog short lap around amphitheater, In cadence: butt kickers, imperial walkers, cherry pickers

The Thang:  Butts and Guts :  See photo below

  • 2 rounds: 11 exercises
  • 60 seconds exercise, 20 Sec rest
  • Run short lap after 1st circuit (active recovery)
  • SALLY!!!- abs:  leg raises
  • Stretch on your own as we do count & names

Count: 7 PAX!!!

COT: Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, NOT a punishment for what you ate. This time of year especially- food guilt – is a real thing. Your intention transforms your outcomes. 

Recent Workouts

No Gains November (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dollys Nook

PAX: Rousey Red, Ariel, Cheetah, Belle


The Skinny: We have been chatting about accountability, eating better, staying on track so I created a NO GAINS NOVEMBER, no gaining weight unless it is muscle!!!

Warm it Up: (In cadence) High Knees, Arm Circles forward, Arm Circles Backward, walk/jog up and back

The Thang: see picture after each word jog/walk up & back, stairs if possible

COT:  Negativity is a disease that spreads rapidly.. it is a hindrance to how one views the world, how one acts, it holds one back, it clouds one’s judgement, it pushes people away and it loves company! Some say negativity will kill you faster than any disease… Faith & Positivity Is The Cure! :heart:
Did you know that every positive colleague increases your happiness by 9% so if you can add 3 positive people to your network your positivity increases by nearly a third. A positive attitude will have positive results. Did you know studies show positivity reduces stress, gives higher resistance to colds, better physical & psychological well-being, better cardiovascular health and longer life. When Centenarians were interviewed a few of the biggest factors they all contributed to living over 100 was being positive and having faith.
Let’s give some positivity today…start with yourself, tell that negative committee to take a seat you got better things to do & give today! B-Positive I’m here rooting for ya:heart:
“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” “A joyful heart makes a cheerful countenance, but sorrow of the heart crushes the spirit.”