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Backblast 10/30/20

Salty Q:

Q: Salty
Pax: Buttercup, Cleats, Jewels, firecracker, Zinny, Splits, Lucy, DoubleMint
Disclaimer – social distance

Warmups- high knees, arm circles, jump jacks, stretches

The thang: There’s a pumpkin filled with candy. On each piece there’s an exercise and number of reps. (Rep #s coordinate with the amount of calories in each piece of candy so they were higher than normal). Everyone picks 4 pieces and do them as individuals. Then we will do a short Dora with other pieces. And a “lady bug” if we have time.

COT: Psalm 23:1 the Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want. We all have EVERYTHING we need!! (Maybe not all we want! But that’s ok! It’s character building and we can learn to be content). Life is crazy right now but we all need the reminder that we all NEED NOTHING!! Finances may be tough, COVID may have been a huge distraction, life may be topsy turvey but you have no NEED unmet! That’s awesome and worth celebrating. PRAY

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Backblast 10/29/20

Troy Q:

Q. Troy
Pax. Beep beep, glitter Bob, Acadia, dr. Buff

Warmup: thriller leg banded workout

The Thang. 31 reps of mummy jacks, Frankensteins, and dead bugs with a zombie run between each. Then charades of Halloween characters while those who are guessing do stationary exercises (calf raises, squats, curls, etc.) burpee train, stretching for cool down

Cot. Please sign up for night workouts, I’m leaving tomorrow for a month so it’s all on beep beep. With the semester winding down for finals she’ll be slammed. We want Rad to continue and not die out. We’re a smaller group so we gotta share the load!

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Backblast 10/28/20

Remi Q:

Q: Remi
Pax: Margarette, CallaLilly, Derby, Peaches


Warm Up: Arm Circles in cadence, Potato Diggers in cadence

Workout: Food & Wine Festival 50/50

50 high knees RLC
20 squats
20 fire hydrants RLC
10 one leg calf raises (each side)
Run half the farmers market
50 toe taps (switch halfway)
20 plank jacks
20 bicep curls
10 shoulder presses
Run half the farmers market
50 jumping jacks
20 crunches
20 flutter kicks RLC
10 rosalitas
Run half the farmers market


CoT: “Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers, or you can grow weeds.” It’s been a really difficult time lately and tense/stressful situations have only gotten worse. Even in what seems like the worst moment or worst interaction, I want to make sure that I am choosing a positive attitude and radiating that to others.

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Backblast 10/26/20

Gish Q:

Q: Gish
PAX: Atlas, Crush, Margarette, Calla Lily, Salty, Derby

The Thang: PAX will complete 12 minutes of cardio, 12 minutes of strength, and 12 minutes of core/flexibility exercises. Cardio and Strength are performed twice through at a pattern of 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest.

Warmup IC:
arm circles
High knee in-and-outs
jumping Jacks

Cardio x2:
Toe taps
Butt kickers
Shuffle taps
Step ups
Skater lunges
Jumping jacks

Strength x2:
Bicep curls
Overhead press
Renegade rows
Kettleball swings

Sun salutations and other yummy yoga-ish stretching 

CoT: Life is crazy and fragmented, right now, and there rarely seems to be time for all the things we need or want to do. I’ve been working hard on appreciating the tiny investments of time in my day. 12 minutes seems to be the max amount of time I have for just about anything.  12 minute meals, showers, nursing, working out, sex, homework help, yard work, you name it! It can feel hectic, but I just have to be thankful for those 12 minutes I was gifted to invest in myself or others. If you can use any amount of time for good, you win!

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Backblast 10/24/20

Doublemint Q:

All Around the Light Posts

Q: Doublemint
Pax: Summit, Remi and Salty

My daughter has been struggling with depression and loneliness due to COVID and being stuck home. I encouraged her with a verse from James in the Bible that says “ Consider it pure joy my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.” We all go through trials and suffering. The key is how we respond to them. The Bible says to consider it joy because it builds character and perseverance. Instead of viewing our trials as problems, we should view them as learning experiences that help us grow and mature.

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Backblast 10/23/20

Splits Q:

A.L.A.R.M. Workout

Q: Splits
PAX: Firecracker, Jewels, Buttercup, Salty, & Doublemint

Warm up:
Static arm stretch
Static leg stretch
High Knees in cadence
Big arm circles

ALARM: 3 rounds of exercises based on (Arms Legs Abs Run M workout) with a sprint to the island and back is between each round.

Cool Down:
Static straight leg stretch
Runners lunge
Hip stretch
Shoulders & back stretch

COT: In such a busy, crazy, hectic time make sure to meditate. Take the time to stop, rest, and be quiet. Meditate on a positive montra or a bible verse. Pslam 48:9

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Backblast 10/22/20

Acadia Q:

Q: Acadia
PAX: River, Beep Beep, Glitter-bob

Welcome /disclaimer
Warmup – Philadelphia Freedom aerobic workout!

Workout: Tabata spelling. 45 seconds on, 15 off

PUMPKIN x3 and WICKED x 3. 1 minute breaks in between.

COT: “When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.” -African ProverbIf you have high standards for self, it can push you to achieve many things, but remember that just because you aren’t reaching your self-set expectations it doesn’t mean that you are failing. When you don’t get a lot of external feedback, it’s important to take a step back sometimes to evaluate how reasonable your goals are and to celebrate achievements and little victories.

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Backblast 10/21/20

Peaches Q:

Q: peaches :peach:
Birthday Q – part deux!
PAX: Atlas, Margarette, Remi, CallaLilly, Gish

Welcome /disclaimer
Warmup – stretches, high knees IC

Round 1:
40 sumo squats
5 laps of stairs with weights
30 ankle biters each side
5 laps of stairs with weights
20 Carolina Dry Docks
5 laps of stairs with weights
10 burpees
5 laps of stairs with weights

Round 2:
40 high knees
5 laps of stairs with weights
30 Mtn Climbers to Plank jack
5 laps of stairs with weights
20 push ups
5 laps of stairs with weights
10 rolling elbow planks
5 laps of stairs with weightsI had two more rounds planned, but I guess we’ll save those for another morning :wink:

“The secret is Christ in me; not me in different circumstances” Elisabeth Elliot
Maybe I think I can be a better mom if my children just listened better, or maybe I could be a better wife if I had more help, or if life was easier I could do much more…..
But really, it isn’t about what’s going on around me, but what’s going on INSIDE me & WHO I’m allowing to guide me …… fear, insecurities, frustrations, resentment, etc. No matter what my circumstances, Christ is there wanting to be my guide if I’ll just let him.

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Backblast 10/20/20

Troy Q:

Q: Troy BDAYQ:tada:
Pax: river, beep beep, amiga, Acadia, dr. Buff, FNG journey
Disclaimer, stretching

The Thang: 26 stations of workouts all “me” themed, do each workout 26 reps

Party favors of my favorite candy (take 5s)

COT: my accumulated :sparkles:wisdom:sparkles:after 26 years of life (lol) – no ones ever gone poor from giving, build a bigger table, not a taller fence, baked goods are a live language, don’t buy a cheapo tiny umbrella, spend $30 and get a giant golf umbrella and save yourself the wetness and heartache of a puny $5 one.  

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Backblast 10/19/20

Salty Q:

5-4-3-2-1 Workout

Q: Salty
PAX: calalily, atlas, peaches, f-stop, remi

Welcome & Disclaimer
Warm up
Stretch legs and arms 10 count
High knees
Jumping Jacks
Run a lap

5min & 5 exercises
Jumping Jacks
Mountain climbers
Side shuffles
Plank Jacks
Curbs kickers

4min & 4 exercises
Lateral raises
Tricep extension

3min & 3 exercises
Bicycle crunch
Flutter kicks

2min & 2 exercises
Left leg step ups
Right leg step ups

1min /1 exercise
Round 1 Burpees
Round 2 Plank
Round 3 Wall sit
Do this 3x
Run a lap between each set

COT: seasons – my family moved from Tampa FL 3 years ago in Dec. It’s gone by so fast. Living in that climate made me forget the beauty of all 4 seasons. It was truly a struggle when I moved here. The cold almost gave me a sort of anxiety. But over time I’ve realized that I’ll be fine! The cold won’t hurt me! I have come to truly enjoy each season in its beauty and purpose! In life we need to do the same. Don’t wish this season away! It may be tough and have its challenges but it has its beauty and purpose. Don’t wish for things to be different be present and contend in the season you’re in!Quote: Nature gives to every time and season unique beauty; from morning to night, as from the cradle to the grave, it’s just a succession of changes so soft and comfortable that we hardly notice the progress. -Charles DickensThere is a harmony is autumn and I listen in its sky, which through the summer is not heard or seen as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
-Percy Bysshe Shelley