Recent Workouts

Backblast 9/28/19

Vanilla Ice Q:

PAX: Salty, Whoopi, Msafiri, Kiawah, Crossbow, Flipper, Houston, Threat Level

Warmup: Duck, Duck, goose. Everyone in the circle does squats while we play.

The Thang:
Have PAX get into a circle and count off 1,2 (that’s a partner group) 1,2 (another partner group),etc. All the 1’s will start off running one loop around the field and all the 2’s will start doing a list of exercises. The 2’s will do the exercises until their partner is done their lap, then the 1 will do that exercise while the 2 runs their lap. Then they’ll move on to the next exercise.
Alternating shoulder taps
Curtsy lunges
Donkey kicks
Flutter kicks
Glute bridges
Incline Push-Up
Jumping Jacks
LBC’s (we ended here)
Mountain climbers
Plank jacks
Tricep dips