Recent Workouts

Backblast 9/10/19

Shop-vac Q:

“Record breaker

Warm-up: JJax, arm circles forward and backward, windmills.

Everyone partnered up and went to one end of the field where a stack of cinder-blocks were waiting on them

This is a combination of a 30 count Dora and tag. At one end of the parking lot, partner 1 began 30 lunges as partner two grabbed  cinder-block, ran to the other end of the field, and did burpees until partner 1 was done with her lunges. When partner 1 finished her lunges, she ran to the far end of the field, took the cinder-block and went back to the start end of the field to do burpees while her partner, then, did 30 lunges. After partner 2 finished her lunges, she returned to the start end of the field, took the block back to the far end of the field to do burpees while partner 1 then did a 30 count plank hold. when she finished the plank hold, she ran down to the far end of the field, got the block, returned to the start to do burpees as partner 2 did the 30 count plank hold. This tag and block carry/burpee pattern continued through pushups, calf raises, crunches, flutter kicks, russian twists, and squats – all in 30 count for each partner.  After that exhilarating round of tag and doing approximately 70 burpees each, we circled up and did a squat version of ring of fire.

15 ladies showed up and sweated like crazy! As a new season of FiA begins, I have found myself challenged to challenge the PAX to know that they are stronger than they think! When the Q says to do 50 squats, don’t cheat yourself and only do 45 because those last 5 seem impossible! Do the last 5 because you are stronger than you think! Tonight’s workout was MEANT to be a smoker to let us all see that we CAN do it and when we are the woman who doesn’t think she can do it, there will be a PAX reminding us and encouraging us that we can! We are better together and stronger than we think!