Recent Workouts

Dora (JBO)

Q: Salty

AO: Etta’s Nest

PAX: Firecracker, DoubleMint, Jewels

Warm up: stretch, high knees, arm circles

The Thang:

Big girl sit ups 500
Overhead claps 400
Mountain climbers (RSC) 300
Bicycle crunches 200
Squats 100

Between each exercise set the team walks a lap around library.

Cool down: walk a lap

COT: Bible verse – Exodus 14:14

Recent Workouts

Classic Tabata (JC)

Q: F-Stop

AO: Riveter Station – WAR

PAX: Derby, Msafari, Freestyle, Acadia, Calamity Jean, Elsa, Keys


Warm-up: Jog, Windmills, High Kicks

The Thang:
Tabata Sets (20 sec on, 10 sec off)
Rounds: 4 min alternating tabata set, lap jog, 4 min alternating tabata set

Round 1: Plank Jacks, Squats
Round 2: Russian Twists, Bridges
Round 3: Bicycle Crunch, Push-ups

Cool Down: yoga series -child’s pose, cobra downward dog, forward fold, butterfly

COT: Energy is contagious. Positive and negative alike.