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Backblast 8/31/20

Salty Q:

Birthday Q Salty
PAX: Marguerite, crush, Bindi, Atlas, Jewels, GIJane, Passport, Splits, FStopDisclaimer

The Thang:
5 stations 4-3-4-3 reps AMRAP of those till the song is finished. When a new song comes on switch stations.

Station 1
4 push-ups
3mountain climbers
4 curls
3 presses

Station 2
4 squats
3 lunges
4 curtsy lunges
3 spider mans (Peter Parker’s)

Station 3
4 sit-ups
3 bicycle crunches
4 rosalitas
3 flutter kicks

Station 4
4 jumping jacks
3 high knees
4 curb kickers
3 box jumps (make a square)

Station 5
4 right pulse lunges
3 right fire hydrants
4 left pulse lunges
3 left fire hydrants

Dora – partner workout – one is exercising while the other runs half the pavilion and back
250 – overhead claps
200 – Tricep dips
150 – shoulder taps *didn’t finish the Dora *

COT: since it’s my birthday I’ve been feeling super reflective. I’ve actually been hard on myself because I’m not where I want to be! But I remember that this isn’t a sprint to the end but a marathon! I give myself some grace and then make adjustments. Today is Monday . . . A new week! So I’m telling myself that I’m adding more vegetables to my plate at every meal this week!! That’s something small I’m doing this week! I’ve also said YES to a family member who needed my help this week! It was super last minute and it will definitely put a wrench in my plans for the week! But I need help in being flexible and not always in control so I said YES! This is another way I’m working to be better this week – this year!!

“I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint.”
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭31:25‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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Backblast 8/29/20

Salty Q:

PAX: DoubleMint, Strings, Numbers, Firecracker, Jewels, 2.0 Cleats, Buttercup, FNG Zinny
Q: Salty


Warmup Motivators from 5 with DoubleMint

The Thang: Its ARM day!! We did an arm bag (in the lexicon they use an Ab bag but I changed it up)! I used popsicle sticks that had three arm exercises on each. We will do 30-20-10 reps. Everyone draws one and sets it down in front of them (that becomes a station). Then when we’re finished we will switch to the next station. When everyone has gone to each station we will run a bridge lap.

COT: Jewels shared a verse about not fearing the unknown and giving all her worries over to God.

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Backblast 8/26/20

G.I. Jane Q:

PAX: Passport, Jewels, Peaches, Bindi, Freestyle, Crush, Margarette
Q: GI Jane


Warmup: Arm holds, potato diggers, leg stretches
The Thang: FOUR WORKOUTS FOR OUR 4TH YEAR! Total body workout.

Workout 1: ARMageddon
25 arm circles forward
25 arm circles backward
25 touchdowns (overhead arm claps)
25 press togethers
25 overhead press
Do this for about 3 minutes or to the song Armageddon! Keep going and try not to drop your arms!

Workout #2: Around the World. Do this weighted (except the jump squats). You can do it for multiple rounds, to a song or two. We just did one trip around the world. FOCUS ON GOOD FORM AND IT WILL WORK YOUR LEGS HARD!
10 right forward lunges
10 right side lunges
10 reverse right lunges
10 squats
10 jump squats
10 left reverse lunges
10 left side lunges
10 left front lunges

Workout #3: Captain Thor – This is an ab workout. Do this weighted.
1 sit up, 4 russian twists
2 sit ups, 8 russian twists
….until you get to 10 sit ups and 40 russian twists

Workout #4- TOP GUN! As we head into our 4th year we are going into the DANGER ZONE!
This is an AMRAP. Do 5 exercises, 10 reps of each, for 10 minutes. At the top of EVERY minute ( the DANGER ZONE) do 3 burpees. It helps to play the Top Gun theme song. Do Squats, flutterkicks, and crunches weighted.
Shoulder taps

COT: This is it! My swan song. The last solo Q for me as Regional Q. I have had the absolute honor to lead this organization through almost 700 workouts over 3 years. There are many, many, many things I love about FiA. The thing I love most, and we talk about it so often, is that we have a place for everyone. Today I  talked about the quote that I think sums us up better than just about anything “When you have more than you need, you build a bigger table – not a higher fence.” We have spent many years offering women of all sizes, shapes, political and religious affiliations, a seat at our table. I am a better woman for FiA. I am a better person for all of you and for having to learn to temper my responses to things, for having to learn to work together with other women. I am grateful for all of you, the FiAs past and present, who have walked this journey with me and who have helped shape me and this amazing organization. I am excited for what is to come. 

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Backblast 8/24/20

Margarette Q: 2020 Olympic Games

Q: Margarette
PAX: Crush, Freestyle, F-stop, GI Jane

Warm up:
Potato diggers
Wind mill

Leg routine
5 lunges
10 Hindu squats
15 deadlifts
20 squats

Ab routine
5 Russian twists
10 leg lifts
15 bicycle crunches
20 sit ups

Do legs routine first. 5 reps then 10 and 5 the. 15, 10, 5 etc. repeat with ab routine

Wall sit challenge- F-stop wonWhip cream challenge

CoT: The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well.” —Pierre de Coubertin, father of the modern Olympic Games

Sanya Richards-Ross (track and field athlete)- failure I can live with, not trying is what I can’t handleAdam Rippon (figure skater)- I take whatever situation I’m in and I spin it like it’s the most positive thing that’s ever happened to me

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Backblast 8/22/20

Margarette Q:

Q- Margarette
Pax- Salty, Doublemint, Derby, Msafari, F-stop, Shop-Vac

Warm-up- high knees, jumping jacks, arm circles

The thing- Olympic events
1. Obstacle course (x4 each) – broad jump burpees, jump from hula hoop to hula hoop, bear crawl, walk on rope (like a balance beam), crab walk. (Those not doing the course hold a squat)
2. Eye contact game- we all look at the ground and in the count of 3, look at someone. If you are making eye contact with each other, you are both out. When out, do lunges until someone wins
3. Sprint race
4. Dizzy bat race- spin 10 times then race to finish line

Quotes from Olympians

I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match. – Mia Hamm

Are you going to stand or are you going to crumble? In the face of everything, stand still. – Gabby Douglas

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before. – Bonnie Blair

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Backblast 8/21/20

Peaches Q:

Q: Peaches
PAX: Jewels, Splits, Strings, Racquet, Salty, Doublemint, & Buttercup

Timed Plank Challenge (FiA Olympics)
High knees IC

The Thang:
8 minute leg tabata
1 min high jack/low jack
1 min squats (or squat jump)
1 min left stationary lunge pulse
1 min right stationary lunge pulse

Each of these are then repeated for 40 seconds, then 20 seconds

*no resting in between anything*

The 4 Corners Toilet Tamer
10 squats in each corner
Walk the curves
In the straights:
Lap 1: lunge walk
Lap 2: squat walk
Lap 3: diagonal lunge walk

Cool down: Paper airplane challenge (FiA Olympics)

“What grows in the valley, does not grow on the mountain.”
In some ways, we’re all living in a “valley” right now – wishing we were standing on a summit with a great view. It can be easy to lose heart & sight of where we are & where we’re headed. But I love the imagery of this quote. The Pacific Northwest is one of my favorite places because of the Cascade Mountains & the amazing volcanic peaks. The lush green of the forests around these peaks comes to a sudden halt at the tree line & magnificent rock appears. Different things grow (or can’t grow) at different elevation levels.

This quote gives me encouragement that the things God teaches me & grows in me in the valley aren’t things that can be grown on the mountain top. The things in the valley have a richness to them that the mountain top cannot support & that give a support base to the mountain top itself.

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Backblast 8/20/20

Shop-Vac Q:

Q: Shop-vac
Pax: Beep Beep, Troy, River, Kiawah, Crossbow, Flipper, Amiga, Derby, Shop-vac

For my work out to celebrate my birthday, we played lots of party games. To begin with we split into two teams and play four rounds of tic-tac-toe. Each space went with a work out of 10 reps. The winning space you do 36 reps of that workout (see picture)

After this, we went into the field where I had foam squares spread out into a long line. While the music was playing, we duck walked around the mats in a line. When the music stopped, we each ran to claim a spot. as in musical chairs, there was one spot less than the number of women and the person who didn’t get a square stood on the side and held a squat while we duck walked for the next round. We did this until all of the women were eliminated and there was a winner.

Next we did a minute to win it with push-ups. The goal was to do 60 push-ups in a minute. Everyone finish their push-ups and for every 10 they had left over, we did one burpee as a group. For example, if I only got 38 pushups in, we had to do for burpees as a group.

Lastly was a coin flip. Every one had a coin and the goal was to get 10 heads. You flip the coin if it is a head you counted as one, and flip it again. If you get a in sit ups, and flip again. You flip it until you finally get to 10 heads but doing sit ups for every tells you get in-between.

COT: during this crazy season, everyone’s lives have changed and things are different. Birthdays don’t look like they usually do, school looks different, FiA looks different, and i could go on and on. But we all have the opportunity to learn something and do something in this time. In this season, I have learned that peace in my home and within my family unit helps to create peace in the rest of my life and has brought me immense amounts of joy. What I have chosen to do regarding that is to make sure that I’m a peacemaker within my home. That I do all within my power to contribute to the peace of my family and of my home instead of contributing to the chaos that is already surrounding us in copious amounts. I challenged all of the women to take a moment over the next few days and evaluate what they have learned in the season and to recognize something that they can do in this season.

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Backblast 8/15/20

Katahdin Q:

For our Saturday post, we let the coin decide which order our workouts would be in (it chose mostly tails).

Q: Katahdin

Pax: @Msafiri @Calamity Jean @Mango

The Thang: 4 sets of 8 moves targeting different areas: arms, legs, core, cardio. Coin flip decided which category to choose from, so the order was random.

COT: we often look for outside experiences to provide feelings of happiness and excitement, and that’s ok! But there is true freedom in realizing that we can draw Bliss from within to feel at peace and contentment in any given moment, not anticipating the future, being comfortable in the present.