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Stronger You Challenge (January)

Hello ladies!! Lots of fun FiA news in the first few days of 2020!

If you’ve been around since this time last year you’ll remember our awesome Stronger You Challenge. Well it’s back and better than ever! below you’ll see the 2020 scorecard. Most of the instructions can be found on the sheet but just for starters:

1) This is a friendly FiA competition to push you to be the best possible version of the amazing woman we love. You collect points which can be tallied on these cards (GI Jane will be printing them on card stock for everyone to have and hang up for motivation). At the end you tally your points and receive raffle tickets for awesome prizes – gift cards, workout stuff, and FIA GEAR!

2) We ask everyone to chip in $10 to help pay for the prizes. You can PayPal FiA ([email protected]) which is easiest for tracking purposes or you can give cash to GI Jane. Please don’t let the cost hinder you from participating – we have general FiA funds to cover some participant fees. If you are blessed, think about covering for a friend! #bettertogether

3) More info will be coming about the Fitness Challenge category.

Get pumped cuz it’s gonna be an awesome way to push each other and be a little competitive.

Whole30 Challenge

In celebration of the new year, many FiA sisters are taking the Whole30 Challenge. Whole30 is a 30-day diet focused on eating whole foods and eliminating sugar, dairy, grains, and other types of food. You can download all the free guides from the Whole30 website

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