Recent Workouts

Sally & Friends (Jonesboro)

Q: Salty

PAX: FNG Sprinkles, Bookworm, Zinny, Katniss, Peaches

The Thang: Sally and Friends

Sally (hold a squat; bring it up when song says)

Ring of Fire (hold plank; PAX go around the circle & do 6 shoulder taps each)

Ghostbusters (lunges; burpee)

You’re a mean one Mr Grinch (high knees till you hear “Mr Grinch” and then burpee)

Booty Song (glute bridges & variations)

Exs & Ohs (mountain climbers / star crunches)

Thunderstruck (hold squat, squat jump at “thunder,” sprint at “thunderstruck”)

Run a lap between each song

COT: Corrie Ten Boom story of courage and forgiveness. One of the meanest guards at the concentration camp she was at, came up to her after she’d spoken at a church service and told her he had become a believer in Jesus and asked her to forgive him. He extended his hand to shake hers. She froze. She realized she didn’t want to forgive him but she knew with Gods help she could. In that split second she asked the Father to help her forgive and she extended her hand to shake his. She knew it was only by His Grace that she could do so. Life is all about choices. She chose to forgive and continue to move forward and do good. She could have let the pain and bitterness win but she didn’t. She lived to be 91 and spoke extensively all throughout the world about her story of forgiveness.