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46th Birthday Q/Double Trouble (JBO)

Q: DoubleMint

AO: Etta’s Nest

PAX: Jewels, Fiecracker, Boots, Luna, Zinny, Salty

Warm up and The Thang: See pic below.

We completed all exercises in Double Trouble but we changed lunges and Brooke Burke’s to each side counting for times sake.
We did the 1st Magnolia hill run, but ran out of time for the 2nd one.:disappointed: 
We did not have time for the Burpees and Reverse Crunches.

COT: My Twin sister and I just turned 46. Thought I would share a few twin problems that only twins would understand. :joy:

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HIIT Workout (Kgspt)

Q: Bindi

AO: Dolly’s Nook

PAX: Ariel, Cheetah


Warm up: arm circles, walk 2 laps

Workout dice 3 times through

HITT Workout (see picture)

Dice 2 times through

Cool down/Stretch

COT: No matter what is true and what is not, covered up, whatever…youth were traumatized by the events at VHS, lift them up. But on a happier note…I was sad a while back for my kids and this younger generation, how the world is. I was told that these kids/youth were created for such a time as thus to be stronger, smarter,  druven through it all. That helps me see that it is all for a reason bigger than I can fathom.

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Sally & Friends (JC)

Q: Gish

AO: Riveter Station – WAR (at King Commons)

PAX: CallaLilly, F-Stop, Peaches, Msafiri, Freestyle, Katniss, Acadia


Quick warmup IC: arm circles, potato diggers

TheThang: play each song and do corresponding exercise routine, stretching and taking water breaks where needed

Thunderstruck – hold squat, “thunder” jump, “thunderstruck” sprint (5min)
Roxanne – plank, push-up with “Roxanne”, frogger with “red light” (3:09)
Sally – squats (3:26)
Ghostbusters – lunges, burpees with “ghostbusters, reverse burpees with “I ain’t afraid…” (4:05)
America – Superman/canoe alternating with “America”, star jump with “today” (4:19)
Black Betty – plank, push-up with “black Betty (4min)
Peaches – imperial walkers, burpees eith “peaches (3min)
Lovely Day – good morning with verse, bicep curls with chorus  (4:15)
Get Up Stand Up – crunches, Turkish get-ups with “get up, stand up(3:18)
Ring of Fire – plank, push-ups around the circle (2:36)

COT: FiA is so good for me as a reminder that we are all really #bettertogether. I drew from workouts and routines that other FiA created in order to Q, today, and I struggled a bit, but it was good to try something new and draw from others’ creativity. I’m thankful for all the ladies here who share their creative energy and time to strengthen one another!

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Total Body Beatdown (Kgspt)

Q: Ariel

AO: Dollys Nook-Centennial Park

PAX: Cheetah, Bindi, Gaines


Warm up: Jumping jacks, push-ups, stretching before walking lap, then one running lap.

The Thang:
Arms X 20 rep:

Gun show both sides
Tricep ext
Lat raisesLunges on spokes

Abs x 30 reps:

Hip dips
Shoulder taps
Russian twists
30 sec plankCrab walk or duck walk spokes

Booty/lower body x 40 reps:

Squats with leg raise
Donkey kicks
Calf raises (forgot to do these)

We had time for each person to pick one additional exercise in a particular category:

Gaines – arms- hammers 20 reps
Cheetah- abs- rotating side to side Crunches 30 reps
Bindi -booty- chair squat with leg raise
Running lap

Cool down

COT: Don’t worry about “what’s next” so you can enjoy “the now”.

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Kettle Bell Super-sets (JC)

Q: Boots

AO: Riveter Station – RRG

PAX: Margarette, Crush, Katniss, F-Stop, Acadia, Gish, Elsa, Msafiri


Warmup- jog 1 lap, teach & practice kettlebell swing

The Thang:  See photo below

  •   2 circuits through the 8 exercises
  • Exercise – 1 minute
  • Kettlebell swing – 40 Seconds
  • Rest – 30 seconds

Cool down- extension stretches & yoga wheels (impromptu by those who wanted to :laughing:)

Count: 9 PAX!!!

COT: If it doesn’t Challenge you, it won’t Change you.  

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Back to School Q (JBO)

Q: Salty

AO: Etta’s Nest

PAX: DoubleMint, jewels,


Warmup /stretches

The Thang
Back to school Q

Did you ever have to Walk to school? We’re you ever running late??
The PAX will Jog the trail around JB making 12 stops along the way. We will stop and do 17 reps of whatever exercise is called out. Each person will have a turn to call out exercises.
(Should be close to 2 miles.)

COT: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭ESV‬‬
Hope leads to joy and peace

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Olympic Inspired (Kgspt)

Q: gaines

AO: Dolly Nook

PAX: Bindi, Rousey Red, Cheetah, Crafty, Passion

Disclaimer & warm-up with high knees, jumping jacks & arm stretches

The Thang: 2021 Olympic Inspired Workout
(See pic below)

COT: I’m wearing my college basketball shirt from 21 years ago! :open_mouth: Shew! Things aren’t the same as they were back then. Embrace the changes. We’ve had extra family live with us for 2 yrs now & there’s been challenges along the way, but I also hope there’s been purpose. They have 5 kids, & they’re really good kids. They’re moving out soon & I’m excited for change. Happy for them; happy for us. We have 4 boys & the younger two are 18mo & 4yrs. I look forward to making them a play space in the bonus room. So that’s my home life, but sometimes change can be scary.
I’ve had some changes at work; I’ve been a Pediatric nurse for 15 yrs & the last year & a half our hospital has hardly received any Peds patients. I love kids, that’s my heart! I recently visited Niswonger Children’s hospital & it was so exciting to see paintings on the walls & kids friendly stuff. I know for some people it’d be a nightmare to take care of sick children, but each of us have a purpose & that’s my passion. So I encourage you today, if you’re not in the career you want to be in or where God would want you, don’t be afraid of change. In all aspects of our lives, if you’re not where you need to be, then CHANGE it…EMBRACE it.