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Backblast 7/3/20

Vanilla Ice Q:

PAX: Salty, Jewels, Msafiri, Cleats, Buttercup, and FNG BobWarmup: High knees and Arm circles in cadence. Jumping Jacks avalanche

The Thang: Each person started at 1 of the 7 stations, completed 21 reps of each exercise (3 per station) then moved on to the next for time.

The Skinny: “The weight of waiting”: In our busy, chaotic, hectic, instant gratification world, one of the hardest things we can do is wait. It often feels like the heaviest of burdens to relinquish control and wait on someone or something else. whether it be a test result, a red light, or your breakfast at McDonald’s, when we are forced to wait, we are mercilessly at the whim of some other power. And that at our core as human beings, is terrifying. We are evolutionarily conditioned to be in control of our own destiny – to control what we eat, when we eat, who we surround ourselves with, and what risks we choose to take or avoid – that is how any species survives. But our unique current world situation shows us how little control we actually have. And when we are told that the best thing to do is to sit and wait, a lot of us get frustrated and impatient. But there’s a reason why God told us just to be still – most people probably think it is because God wants us to rely on him and trust his plan for us. And I guess that is the theological interpretation, but I like to think of God as a little more snarky than that. I like to think that he is telling us to stop getting in our own way, sit down, shut up, and let the professional take care of it. Often we mess up more than we fix when we do not head the easiest of instructions like to just wait already! Although this verse is one of my favorites, it is also the hardest for me personally to apply. I am a control freak I admit it. And God has been breaking that down in me over the last year. First it was waiting for Ben to graduate, then it was waiting for him to pass his LSAT, then it was “hey wait another 6 months for your wedding”. And now it is waiting to have some tests run that could be life changing. But even as scary as that may be, and how heavy it has weighed on me to sit in this situation and wait- I have to remember that I am not the professional here. I obviously do not have all the answers – not even close. And trying to take on the responsibility of forcing things to go my way will make a much bigger mess. So, I am sitting. I am being still. I am enjoying time with my friends and loved ones. I am appreciating life in new ways and I encourage you all to do the same.

Recent Workouts

Backblast 7/1/20

Margarette Birthday Q:

Pax: Salty, G.I. Jane, F-Stop, Freestyle, Peaches, Crush
Warm up: arm circles and potato diggers in cadence

The thang: (29 reps of each exercise)
5- cardio
1 lap
Jumping jacks
Butt kickers
Plank jacks
High knees

4- legs
Overhead squats (weights)
Lunges (weights)
Side leg lifts
Calf raises (weights)

3- back/bi/shoulder
Bicep curls (weights)
Bent over rows (weights)
Shoulder press (weights)

2- chest/Tri
Tricep dips
Chest press (weights)

1- avalanche with plank