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Backblast 9/9/19

Atlas Q:

Date: Monday, Sept. 9th 5:30am
PAX: GI Jane, Trailblazer, Crush, Margarette, Diego, Salty, Proton, ShopVac, Passport, Gish, Atlas

Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary.

Warm-up: 7 burpees and 2 laps around the Farmer’s Market for ‘72 (the year I was born).

The Thang: It’s my birthday (9/9) so we did 9 reps of 9 different exercises (sit-ups, lunges, leg raises, tricep dips, plank jacks, windmills, donkey kicks, step-ups, and little baby crunches). After this set of 9 exercises we did 47 jumping jacks (for my age). Then, we repeated the set of 9 exercises and 47 jumping jacks. To round out our time we rolled an exercise dice and did 7 reps then 2 reps, etc…
Cool Down: 7 squats and 2 toe touch stretches

The Skinny: As I get older and watch my kids get older I think  back on the years we spent raising them. They are almost completely out on their own. I want to encourage the mothers of younger children to stick with it. The days are long, but the years are short. Dealing with all the fussy eating, preteen moods, and teenage angst is worth it. There will come a day when you look up and realize that your kids are doing great and all that hard work paid off.

Recent Workouts

Backblast 9/5/19

Vanilla Ice Q:

PSL Workout

PAX – Atlas, Gish, Whoopi, Nutmeg, Shop Vac, Sobe, Corinthia (FNG – Soul2Sole), Adlerian, Nessie, Dr. Buff, Troy, and Athena

Before starting I asked each person to count (to themselves) the # of letters in their FiA name (or given name if a FNG) and pick their favorite exercise move. Then, everyone got into a circle and one at a time, each person said their name, their #, and favorite workout move. The PAX responded with “hello [fia name] let’s do [workout move]. Then the PAX completed the workout, doing the # of reps that was in that person’s name.

The Thang: I had 3 stations set up around the park with buckets filled with different workouts on paper leaves and pumpkins. Each station had a corresponding letter P, S, and L. I broke the PAX up into 3 groups, each starting at a different letter. Each person grabbed a paper out of the bucket and did 20 reps of that exercise. When finished, the PAX moved to the next station and picked again. Repeat for time. Then I asked the PAX to vote if they wanted to do 15 burpees to close or an unknown option 2 (lap run). The majority voted for burpees 

Station 1: “P” 
Plié squat 
Plank Jacks
Peter Parker
Pretzel ArmsStation 2: “S” (mats, bench, weight) 
Shoulder press
Squat jump
Step-Ups (onto bench)Station 3: “L” (mats and hand weights) 
Leg lift
LBC’s (little baby crunches)
Lateral arm raises
Lap run

The Skinny:
I have been inspired by Atlas’ COT from last month to add a “yet” to all of my “can’t” statements, so that has become a mantra of mine lately. Also, I heard a song recently called “100 Bad Days” that talks about all these bad things happening and the singer responds with “lucky me”. I’m not sure if it’s meant to be sarcastic but it got me thinking of being generally more appreciative of even the things in life that are annoying or trying or frustrating. The next time you find yourself complaining about something in your life (because we all do, it’s human nature) try to respond with “lucky me” – I am lucky to have a job that pays my bills even when it’s frustrating. I’m lucky to be able to come workout and move, even when I’m sore. There are so many people who cannot do the things you can or don’t have the blessings you do so try and incorporate “lucky me” as a mantra this week.8:17 AM. Thanks for all you’re doing for the group. You’re an awesome FiA!