Recent Workouts

Backblast 12/28/19

Msafiri Q:

PAX: Shop Vac, Gish, Salty, Forever 21, Margarette, Atlas, Katahdin, Crush

Warm Up: Arm Circles (IC), Happy Jacks (x5) (IC)

The Thang: Full body Tabata rinse and repeat with a decrease of rest from 10 seconds to 5 seconds in between each exercise on the second round. We were ambushed after finishing our first round by a slow and long burpee train.

Cool down: child’s pose, cobra pose, standing forward bend – all held for 20 seconds/each

COT: Enjoy December

Sometimes, you have to let go.
You have to accept:
some of trees you thought were evergreen
would only hold leaves for a season.
You have to realize that sometimes
the conversations
you thought would lead to more,
new horizons,
open doors…
might not lead to the results
you were looking for.But in all of this letting go,
you slowly begin to find:
your heart kept you breathing
one breath at a time.
A sign
that hope
is still abundant within you,
even when you don’t know why.So let this be the December
you always remember.
The December you chose to believe:
letting go did not make you weak.
And you are free to start over
with or without the closure.
No matter the uncertainty,
you are free to know peace.For all of the words
you never got to say
and all of the little things
that will never be the same,
I truly believe
you are going to be okay.
You will find new rhythms
no matter what has changed.Because in just one month
everything changed,
and you kept breathing, anyway.
You kept believing
after everything,
this was not the end of your story.
And breath by breath,
you learned to embrace
S U R R E N D E R:
“I am slowly learning to accept
the way things are changing.
Not a single thing I am missing
has kept me from becoming.” – MHN

Learning to say no with the understanding and realization that not a single thing I’m missing has kept me from becoming who I need to be. But in all actual reality when I say yes to what aligns with my vision and no to what doesn’t I become more of who I was intended to be and not what others want me to be.