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Backblast 11/12/20 (Kgspt)

Q: Wonder Woman

When: November 12, 2020 5:30 AM
Where: Kingsport Centennial Park
Who: Friend, Peaches, Bindi, Poet (FNG), Wonder Woman (Q)
Weather: Kinda wet, Kinda wild, Kinda wonderful

Warm Up: Arm circles forwards and backwards in cadence, Jumping Jacks in cadence, run the circle

The Thang:
OC- Each round is 5 minutes in length (do that round as many times within 5 minutes)
Round 1
–         10 Pushups
–         Bear Crawl the spokes of the circle forwards and backwards
–         10 Squat jumps
–         Run the circle
Round 2
10 DB Press
Crab walk the spokes of the circle forwards and backwards
10 jumping lunges (each leg counts)
Run the circle
Round 3
10 DB Renegade Rows
Prisoner Walk the spokes of the circle forwards and backwards
10 180 degree Squat jumps
Run the circle
Round 4
–         10 Squats
–         Burpee Broad Jump the spokes of the circle forwards and backwards
–         10 Situps
–         Run the circle
Round 5 – FiAs’ Choice
-10 pushups or 10 squats
-Bear Crawl or Crab Walk
-10 Situps or Squat Jumps
-Run the circleCount a rama, Name a rama

COT: Gratitude. Gratitude is being thankful and saying so. (Remember our veterans)

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Backblast 11/11/20 (JBO)

Q: Salty

Nov 11, 2020
PAX: DoubleMint, Jewels, Splits, and Zinny
Warmup: stretch arms and legs and run to visitors center over hang area. 

The Thang: Tabata – 3 sets of each exercise. Do the exercises for 50 sec and rest for 10 seconds. List of exercises:
Calf raises
Flutter kicks
Bicycle crunches
Ankle Biters
Tricep dips or extensions
Mountain climbers

COT: be good to yourself and have a great day!!

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Backblast 11/10/20 (JC)

Q: Acadia

PAX: Dr Buff, Gypsy, JourneyWelcome /disclaimer
Warmup – jumping jacks, stretching

The Thang:
Ladder workout. 45 seconds for exercise, 15 second break, 1 minute break at the end of each round.
Turkish getup
Suitcase swing
Mountain climbers
Clean and press
Calf raises

COT: It’s important to take some time to relax when you’re having a crazy week, have a cup of tea and read a book, go to a FiA workout!

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Backblast 11/7/20 (JC)

Q: Bindi

Saturday November 7, 2020
@Founder’s River Station
Pax: MSafiri, Calamity Jean, Mango, Atlas, BookIt
WarmUp: stretch

The Thang: DORA
400 Squats
300 LBCs
200 Curls
100 Flutter Kicks
100 PushUps
SALLY Squat song

COT: 3 on 3 feeling the yuck? Getting in a rut? Are you in a valley?
I have had a hard couple of weeks and the flood gates if emotions opened on Weds. I cried, prayed.

This is what came to mind and I challenge you to join me in this….
3 on 3 for 3 before I leave my bed 3 things that I am thankful for, 3 positive thoughts or affirmations about myself or someone that has frustrated me and 3 minutes of prayer over your day or meditation.

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Backblast 11/4/20

Q: F-Stop

Pax: Callalily, Derby, Gish
Warmups- windmills, high knees, potato diggers IC

The thang: Black Jack in the amphitheater. Tricep dips at the stairs, ankle biters in the circle.

COT: Remember to take time to appreciate the beauty and goodness around you despite the pandemic and election season.

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Backblast 11/3/20 (Kgspt)

Q: Summit

AO Kingsport
Pax: Gish, Ariel, Bindi
Warm up: IC windmills, jumping jacks, high knees

The thang: Thunder and Lightening with an Election Day theme!  OYO pax complete the listed exercises starting with 100 down to 10 and perform burpees in between exercises until the list is complete or time is up.
To allow for time for demonstrations and modifications, I reduced the number of burpees between exercises from the traditional 10 to 5.
100 ‘supreme court’ SQUATS
90 ‘senate’ SPEED SKATERS
80 ‘re-elect’ ROSALITAS
60 ‘bipartisan’ BICEP CURLS
50 ‘incumbent’ IMPERIAL WALKERS
40 ‘democracy’ DONKEY KICKS
30 ‘ballot’ BROOKE BURKES
10 ‘budget’ BICYCLES


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Backblast 11/2/20 (JC)

Q: Atlas

Date: Monday, November 2, 2020 5:30am
AO: Riveter Station
PAX: Margarette, Freestyle, Msafiri, F-Stop, Gish, Peaches, Salty, Atlas
Disclaimer: I am not a professional. Workout at your own risk and modify exercises as necessary. Johnson City and FiA are not liable if you get injured. Please stay 6 feet apart and don’t share equipment.

Warm-up: High knees and jumping jacks in cadence

The Thang: There were piles of fun-sized candy bars and a list of the number of calories in each type of candy. Different exercises were taped to each piece of candy. This was a partner workout. One partner would pick a piece of candy and read the exercise. Then they would look at the calorie chart and that would be the number of reps the pair had to do. While one partner started on the exercise the other would run a lap to the farmer’s market and back. They took turns until the reps were finished then picked another piece of candy with another exercise. PAX continued until time was up.

The Skinny: “Say it with me: things grow here. This year is not a waste or a wash. You still get the opportunity to respond, to react, to cultivate what you’ve been given. It is happening – you ARE changing the world, with your words and actions and love and relationships. You get to decide how you’re changing it. 

Some quick questions to help you cultivate this season TODAY: What are you grateful for: are you able to express it? How are you using your words: to speak life or death? What does it look like to love and serve today: what small or big things can you do to bless those around you?

Things grow here. If you’re still standing (or sitting cause this year has been a lot), go ahead and get our hands dirty in the soil and see what fruit might be headed your way. God is mighty in you. Keep going ” Jessa Connolly